Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 6th November 2023.

👉 Missile and drone strikes have targeted the strategic Ukrainian port city of Odesa, as reported by Ukraine's air force. The assault, which occurred late Sunday, involved four missiles and 22 drones launched from Crimea, currently under Russian control.

👉 Ukraine's air force successfully intercepted 15 Shahed drones and a Kh-59 guided missile during the offensive. Images showing the damage caused by the
strikes were shared on social media by Andriy Yermak, the Ukrainian Presidential Chief of Staff, who condemned the attack and promised consequences.

👉 Yermak criticized the attacks as a cowardly response, emphasizing Ukraine's resolve to retake Crimea and rid it of Russian military presence, including the Black Sea Fleet and bases. Amid escalating tensions, Ukraine has stepped up its attacks on Russia's Sevastopol naval base, while Russia has increased air strikes across Ukraine, with a focus on crippling infrastructure as the winter approaches. Furthermore, Odesa has faced heightened risks since Russia withdrew from an agreement that facilitated the export of Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea route.