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👉 Within the Black Sea the Russia has issued information on the so-called humanitarian maritime corridor allowing for the safe evacuation of seafarers and ships in the Black Sea.

👉 Effective from 27th March 2022 an assembly area (RC-1) and exit area (RR-2) have been established in areas bound by the following co-ordinates:

46" 10',N 31'00',E, 460 10'N 31'08'E, 46'04',N 31.00',E 46' 04',N 31' 08', E. The coordinates for the exit area (RR-2) are as follows: 44' 56',N 30" 25',8 44' 56',N 30. 35',E, 440 50',N 30" 25',8 44' 50',N 300 35',E.

Following the announcement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement stating that the maritime humanitarian corridor had not been approved by the government of Ukraine citing the prevalence of mines and suggesting the announcement by Russia to be propaganda.

The Ukrainian Conflict: fundamentals, conflict dynamics and commercial  considerations

Thus far a total of 3 mines have been identified and neutralised within the north and western Black Sea. Mines that have been discovered thus far are understood to be old Soviet-era contact mines of low sophistication. Whilst Ukraine and Russia dispute responsibility for the presence of sea mines coastal states are conducting mine surveillance activity and seeking to ensure safe passage.


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