Access the latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment for the week commencing Monday 1st November. 

On the 31st of October, MDAT GOG maintains that there is an increased risk of piracy in the Southern Niger Delta coastal and offshore region.

Vessels are advised to exercise extreme vigilance and ensure increased security protocols when transiting the region. Last Monday, following the reported boarding against MSC Lucia, there was a subsequent boarding and kidnap at 51nm SW Bioko Island of 3 Cameroonian nationals. The recent uptake in incidents in the Gulf of Guinea follows a historical trend of incidents spiking over the October-April dry season. Meanwhile, the Africa Union, and other regional structures for mobilising joint action, have been criticised for not prioritising the creation of multilateral initiatives to combat maritime insecurity.

This is in the context of several international and United Nations Security Council interventions focussing on combating maritime insecurity in Africa.

Access the full analysis via the Dryad Global Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment interactive infographic brings the macro and the micro of global risk intelligence together in one accessible, intuitive space.