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How do you stop a pirate? Put more fish in the sea.

A new study on piracy revealed surges in "part-time pirates" are deeply linked to climate change. Fishermen in East Africa and the South China Sea turn to piracy when the fish supply is low and as climate change kills fish, the former fisherman grow more desperate in their attacks.

The Iranian armada of 'ghost' ships carrying Russian oil is growing

Iran's "ghost" armada that carry Russian oil is growing as Western sanctions on Moscow crude intensify. 

Europe's militaries have been working together for years to keep an eye on what Russia is up to at sea

At the end of September, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines connecting Russia to Germany were damaged in an apparent act of sabotage, with some officials blaming Russia.

Russian warplanes Practice bombing enemy ships in the Black Sea

Russian military aircraft have been conducting combat exercises in the skies above the Black Sea, where the US and other partner militaries are conducting a large exercise involving dozens of ships..