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Why the rusting wreck of a second world war ship is so important to China

Over the past two decades, China has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, undergoing a transformation that extends beyond its economic prowess. China’s pursuit of enhanced military capabilities, particularly in far-sea naval projection, has been equally remarkable. This expansion of China’s naval power projection capabilities, while unsurprising from a realist perspective, has raised profound..

UK says Russia plotting to sabotage Ukrainian grain vessels with sea mines

Based on ‘declassified intelligence’, UK says Russia targeting civilian shipping on approaches to Black Sea ports.

As Ukraine reels from attacks on land, conflict at sea signals hope

Drones and missiles keep Russian fleet at bay and supplies and trade flowing at ports.

The trade in sanctioned oil is booming as the US turns a blind eye

Analysts say that the rise in the movement of oil in contravention of western sanctions is often happening with the full knowledge of the US government.

Key details behind Nord Stream pipeline blasts revealed by scientists

Researchers in Norway reveal further analysis of 2022 explosions as well as a detailed timeline of events.

China coast guard deploys ‘floating barrier’ to cut off disputed South China Sea shoal

Philippines says it ‘strongly condemns’ move at Scarborough Shoal which prevents its fishing boats from gaining access.

How a burnt out, abandoned ship reveals the secrets of a shadow tanker network

The number of vessels transporting sanctioned oil is booming and the consequences can be felt across the world – from Iran, to China, to Ukraine.

South-east Australia marine heatwave forecast to be literally off the scale

Patch of Tasman sea expected to warm over spring and summer to temperatures that risk significant losses to sea life

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Four Tunisians arrested for piracy over engine thefts from migrant boats

Men held in Sicily accused of intercepting vessels and demanding cash, phones and vital engines.

Italian special forces storm Turkish cargo ship after attempted hijack

Stowaways allegedly tried to take sailors hostage after being discovered on Galatea Seaways bound for France.