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UN Maritime Agency Raises Safety Concerns About Shadow Oil Tanker Fleet

A United Nations agency that oversees shipping raised concerns about the shadow fleet of tankers that has emerged to transport oil amid sanctions, calling for more steps to boost safety.

Hundreds of ‘ghost tankers’ in Gulf of Finland pose risk for maritime safety

Unidentified tankers are shipping oil through the Gulf of Finland after the G7 implemented a $60 price cap on Russian oil and the EU and UK imposed a ban on the seaborne import of Russian crude oil..

Lebanon and Israel’s historic maritime border deal

After more than 12 years since major natural gas discoveries in the Levant Basin in the Eastern Mediterranean, the region has come to a historic understanding. In October 2022, Lebanon and Israel..

Bridge Watch: FSO Safer, a decaying supertanker posing a grave environmental & humanitarian threat

In this week's Bridge Watch, CEO Corey Ranslem discusses the looming environmental and humanitarian threat posed by the FSO Safer.

Philippines, China Agree on Measures to Manage Maritime Disputes

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Xi Jinping agreed to restart joint oil and gas exploration and set up a direct channel of communication on South China Sea issues.

Libyan court suspends maritime deal with Türkiye

A Libyan court on Monday suspended a maritime and energy exploration deal signed with Türkiye last year as the North African country’s future is continuing to be in crisis amid political turmoil. The..

Product Tankers: Middle East and US to the EU Will be a Dominant Trade Route Moving Forward

The product tanker market is expected to benefit significantly from the sanctions imposed on Russian crude and products, like diesel and gasoline.

‘Dark activities’ of Russian-linked oil tankers have doubled

Maritime intelligence firm points to rise in tankers switching off trackers for sanctions-busting transfers.

Nigeria’s shady seizure of oil vessel casts doubts over country’s anti-piracy laws

An international oil tanker and its crew remain in the custody of the Nigerian authorities, after they were arrested more than three months ago in unclear circumstances.

US offshore oil & gas installation at 'increasing' risk of cyberattack

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has warned that the time to act on securing the US's offshore oil and natural gas installations is now because they are under "increasing" and..