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ICS: How the maritime industry tries to tackle drug smuggling

The maritime industry confronts the escalating challenge of drug smuggling, as highlighted in the latest Leadership Insights newsletter from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

Strait of Hormuz/oil: Sanguine markets belie growing risk

As tensions rise in the Middle East due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, there is growing concern about the potential disruption of the vital Gulf shipping route through the Strait of Hormuz. While..

Kidnapping at sea for ransom drops as oil prices rebound – UNODC

The nature of maritime crime in Nigerian waters is shifting from kidnapping for ransom as the number of successful attacks started declining from 86 incidents in 2020 to 32 in 2021 and to only three..

The trade in sanctioned oil is booming as the US turns a blind eye

Analysts say that the rise in the movement of oil in contravention of western sanctions is often happening with the full knowledge of the US government.

Key details behind Nord Stream pipeline blasts revealed by scientists

Researchers in Norway reveal further analysis of 2022 explosions as well as a detailed timeline of events.

UN Maritime Agency Raises Safety Concerns About Shadow Oil Tanker Fleet

A United Nations agency that oversees shipping raised concerns about the shadow fleet of tankers that has emerged to transport oil amid sanctions, calling for more steps to boost safety.

Hundreds of ‘ghost tankers’ in Gulf of Finland pose risk for maritime safety

Unidentified tankers are shipping oil through the Gulf of Finland after the G7 implemented a $60 price cap on Russian oil and the EU and UK imposed a ban on the seaborne import of Russian crude oil..

Lebanon and Israel’s historic maritime border deal

After more than 12 years since major natural gas discoveries in the Levant Basin in the Eastern Mediterranean, the region has come to a historic understanding. In October 2022, Lebanon and Israel..

Bridge Watch: FSO Safer, a decaying supertanker posing a grave environmental & humanitarian threat

In this week's Bridge Watch, CEO Corey Ranslem discusses the looming environmental and humanitarian threat posed by the FSO Safer.

Philippines, China Agree on Measures to Manage Maritime Disputes

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Xi Jinping agreed to restart joint oil and gas exploration and set up a direct channel of communication on South China Sea issues.