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Satellite RF Tracking Follows the 'Dark' Ships That AIS Can't See

Government, NGO and private-sector researchers have long relied upon AIS to track the movements of vessels, and the tool is invaluable for spotting suspicious activity.

Armed Pirates Rob Offshore Platform in Bay of Campeche

Armed pirates struck another platform operated by Pemex last week, forcing the crew to help them cart off stolen goods before departing again.

Stella Maris: Ukraine's Seafarers Need Help to Maintain Their Careers

Stella Maris is working with crewing agencies to help out-of-work Ukrainian seafarers remain employable.

Germany's North Sea Ports Face Longest Strike Action in Decades

Dockworkers across major North Sea ports in Germany have yet again paralyzed operations after staging the longest strike in four decades following the collapse of the latest round of negotiations to..

EU Could Ban European Insurance and Tanker Transport for Russian Oil

To accompany its proposed ban on the importation of Russian oil, the European Union may also decide to prohibit European companies from providing maritime transport for Russian petroleum, anywhere in..

Ukraine Claims to Have Struck the Flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet

Multiple Ukrainian sources have claimed that the nation's armed forces have hit the Russian cruiser Moskva in a guided-missile attack in the Black Sea. "It has been confirmed that the missile cruiser..

UN’s Contact Group on Somali Piracy Changes Mandate

The decline in piracy off the coast of Somalia is one of the recent success stories for the maritime industry. It has demonstrated how stakeholders can unite to solve some of the complex challenges..

EU Renews its Commitment to Anti-Piracy Patrols in Gulf of Guinea

The European Union (EU) intends to carry on with the deployment of its member states' warships in the Gulf of Guinea to stem the recurring menace of piracy.

U.S. Navy Seizes Giant Weapons Cache From Smugglers in Arabian Sea

American forces seized a giant cache of weapons from a fishing vessel in the Arabian Sea. U.S. intelligence sources believe that it likely originated in Iran and was intended for use by rebel forces..

Is the Global Supply Chain the Next Big Cyber Target?

“Cyberwarfare is the greatest threat to the maritime transportation system,” warns U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy. “The safe flow of global..