Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 16th January 2023.

As piracy hits its lowest recorded volumes in 30 years many are asking what the security fault lines impacting shipping will look like across the next year. Whilst recorded rates of piracy and maritime crime remain at historically low levels, its important to note that there continues to be a high degree of under reporting within certain areas of the world. Notably, incidents within Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico are assessed to be considerably higher than reported rates.

👉 Within the Middle Eastern Gulf Iran and its relations with both its regional neighbours and beyond continues to drive the regional security agenda. Continued Iranian support for Houthi rebels in Yemen serves to prolong the ongoing civil war which continues to impact coastal areas and key Yemeni ports. Within the Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf Iran seeks to assert its self as the regional hegemon, which is highly likely to see a continuation of Iranian harassment of commercial vessels and foreign Naval assets.

👉 The Black Sea continues to be an area of deep commercial and geopolitical sensitivity with the UN sponsored Grain Deal at the heart of this. Russian naval assets have remained largely out with the central conflict within recent months however it remains to be seen to what extent this continues.

👉 Within Libya a number of key narratives continue to develop. Internally three key power centres are emerging with the potential for a return to conflict PACIFIC increasing. With Libya currently split between East and West it remains to be seen to what extent current oil output can be maintained in the face of an increasing threat of conflict.