Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 23rd October 2023.

👉 The recent violence between Israel and Hamas in the Israel-Palestine conflict has caused concerns within the shipping and maritime industry, prompting international companies to issue advisories and alter their operations in the region. The security of transporting goods through the port of Haifa has become uncertain due to the potential threat of missile attacks and opposing militias.

Despite the conflict, major industry players such as Maersk and MSC have reported that their port operations in Israel are functioning without disruption. The maritime industry remains vigilant and is closely monitoring the situation, pledging to follow government guidance.

However, the impact of the conflict varies across different ports:

• Port of Ashdod is operating in 'emergency mode' due to its proximity to the Gaza border and potential missile attacks.

• Port of Haifa continues its operations as usual.

• Port of Ashkelon is significantly impacted, with vessels only able to discharge cargo while moored at sea buoys.

• Port of Hadera and Port of Eilat remain operational.

Global companies with a presence in Israel, such as Chevron and Adani Ports, have also had to adjust their operations due to the conflict. Despite the challenges, the shipping and maritime industry has demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt, ensuring the continuity of trade and operations