Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 22nd Jan 2024.

👉 Since the last reporting period Houthi rebels have targeted two U.S. owned and operated vessels transiting the Red Sea. Houthi rebels targeted the GENCO PICARDY and the CHEM RANGER.

Within Yemen, The US Central Command, responsible for American military activities in the Middle East, announced that on Thursday, it targeted and neutralized two anti-ship missiles under Houthi control. These missiles, positioned in the Southern Red Sea, were ready for launch. The US identified these missiles around 15:40 local time (12:40 GMT) in areas of Yemen controlled by the Houthis and assessed them as posing an immediate danger to both merchant ships and US Navy vessels in the vicinity. As a measure of self-defense, US forces then executed a strike, successfully destroying the missiles.

On Sunday, Novatek, a Russian energy firm, announced the temporary halt of certain operations at its large fuel export facility in the Baltic Sea. This suspension was due to a fire, which Ukrainian media sources attribute to a drone strike. The Ust-Luga complex, situated on the Gulf of Finland approximately 170 kilometers (110 miles) west of St. Petersburg, is a key hub for exporting oil and gas products globally. It specializes in converting stable gas condensate into various products like light and heavy naphtha, kerosene, and diesel for maritime transport. The duration of this disruption, its impact on waiting tankers at the port, and the potential
ripple effects on international energy markets remain uncertain.

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