Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 29th Jan 2024.

👉 The recent Houthi attack on the MT Marlin Luanda, a commercial vessel, in the Gulf of Aden has raised
significant concerns in the international maritime community. This incident, occurring in a strategically critical waterway, marks a worrying escalation in regional tensions. The MT Marlin Luanda, reportedly a chemical tanker, was transiting through the Gulf of Aden when it came under attack. The Gulf of Aden, a vital shipping route, connects the Indian Ocean with the Red Sea, making it a pivotal maritime corridor for global trade. This attack not only underscores the ongoing instability in the region but also highlights the risks posed to international shipping in these contentious waters. The incident has prompted calls for increased maritime security and international cooperation to ensure the safety of vessels transiting through this critical area. This attack represents the 31st incident within the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. It is understood that the fire on the vessel is out and the vessel is understood to be inbound due to Fujairah for repairs.

The attack follows two further incidents involving Houthi missiles fired at commercial vessels last week. In a third incident Houthi rebels fired upon U.S. and UK naval vessels also. The recent spate of attacks come as the U.S. re designates the Houthis as a terrorist organisation and conducts a third round of air strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen. Air strikes have thus far focused upon depleting Houthi stocks of missiles as opposed to drones, the former representing a far more significant threat to the safety of vessels.

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