Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 27th February 2023.

👉  Global maritime security issues continue to track significantly below the 12-month comparison, with the Indian Ocean and West African regions tracking at -77% and -57% respectfully.  Whilst overall trends continue to decline, issues associated with geopolitics and war risk continue to drive the maritime security narrative.

👉  With the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine passing on the 24th February, renewed calls have been made for the UN to intervene in order to ensure the safe transit of seafarers and vessels trapped in Ukraine for the past year. Ukraine is further set to request the UN to begin the process of registration of the grain deal with the hopes of both a significant extension to a year and the inclusion of more ports. It is likely that the safe deportation of mariners and or vessels will feature in such negotiations.

👉  Within Libya militants continue to clash with government forces within the West of the country leading to the halting of operations at the al Zawiya oil refinery. Whilst instability continues on shore, this has yet to show any significant sign of spreading to key port areas or manifest anywhere within the maritime domain.

👉  Within Nigeria, Presidential elections are underway with runoffs the closest since military rule was ended in 1999. Nigerian Presidential elections are key for the continued resourcing of several projects designed to support the suppression of maritime security issues and prosecution of piracy, within Nigerian waters and beyond.