Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 30th January 2023.

👉 Within the last reporting period Ukraine saw two vessels struck whilst at the Port of Kherson, confirming the continued existence of an elevated threat to vessels beyond those ports listed within the UN brokered Grain Deal. Whilst it remains to be confirmed the precise nature of the attack, it remains highly likely that the vessels were struck as a result of an indirect attack on the port area. It remains highly likely that such attacks will continue to target Ukrainian ports, not listed within the parameters of the UN brokered grain deal.

👉 Global incident trends are currently tracking at 66% down when compared with the same timeframe in

2022. West Africa continues to represent the most significant and persistent decline in incidents with

88% less incidents recorded within the first month of 2023.

👉 Incidents within South East Asia continue to be affected by a strong persistence of low level maritime

security issues, primarily manifesting as boardings and robberies targeting vessel spares and crew


👉 Within Libya, much has been made by rival political factions and the NOC of the recent signing of a Gas deal with Italy. The deal was met with significant protests at the Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex and

caused a partial halt to oil and gas exports. This is yet to impact commercial maritime operations.