Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 12th December 2022.

👉 Within West Africa an incident has been reported 50nm South Malabo Island. Reporting indicates that a vessel was outbound Kribi when the vessel was approached by a skiff and three shorts were reported to have been fired at the vessel. The vessel is understood to have taken evasive measures after which no further activity occurred. This is the first incident in this location since a vessel was fired upon 20nm offshore Bata in January 2022. Incidents of vessels being fired upon with no follow up action or attempt to board remain highly irregular within the Gulf of Guinea accounting for only 5% of all incidents within 2022 and 4% across the past 24 months. Vessels should continue to exercise caution when transiting the waters of the Gulf of Guinea and report any irregularities.

👉 Within the Indian Ocean an incident was reported within the Northern Bab al Mandab Strait. A vessel is reported to have been approached by 2 skiffs with shots fired towards the vessel. It is reported that the embarked AST returned fire causing the skiffs to withdraw. Incidents of vessels being fired upon within the wider Red Sea and Gulf of Aden remain rare with only one incident of this nature reported within 2022. From the details of the incident there is no evidence of piratical intent. Incidents within this region remain highly irregular and a near total absence of piratical incidents across a protracted timeframe. The wider Red Sea and Gulf of Aden region is a region of c20,000 transits annually. Across the past 12 months there have been 21 reported incidents throughout the entire Indian ocean the vast majority attributable to incidents of low-level maritime crime in ports and incidents associated with geopolitical events and conflict overspill. Vessels should continue to exercise caution when transiting the lower Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and other areas where conflict overspill, illicit trade and traffic density are prevailing risk factors.

👉 Within the Black Sea, Romanian Naval personnel conducted a controlled explosion on a drifting naval mine 2.5nm North of the Port of Constanta. The mine was reportedly sighted by a passing Turkish cargo vessel. This is the 4th such mine to have been found within Romanian waters since March 22.