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👉 Numerous European port workers and protestors across Europe refused to unload Russian oil tankers. Dutch dockworkers refused to unload a tanker carrying Russian oil after it was rejected entry to Swedish, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam ports. The European Union has thus far excluded oil and gas from its stringent sanctions on trade, however, it is set to propose a ban on Russian oil by the end of the year with restrictions on imports introduced gradually until then. Nonetheless, there is an impetus amongst many European dock workers to refuse to unload the oil in a show of ‘inter- national solidarity’ despite the absence of sanctions. Further, Spain turned away a Maltese-registered tanker Black Star on 27 May 22 citing information from the EY that the vessel was carrying transhipped Russian cargo. 

👉 On 2 May 22, the Ukranian Ministry of Defence released footage showing one of its TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles striking two Russian Navy assault boats. In addition, on the week of the 18th, Ukrainian border guards closed several shipping lanes at the mouth of the Danube river due to drifting mines in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian Danube ports of Izmail and Reni remain the only sea routes open for grain exports during the Russian invasion. It remains the responsibility of coastal authorities of relevant states to address the threat of drifting mines that remains in the north-western, western and south-west Black Sea. 

The Ukrainian Conflict: fundamentals, conflict dynamics and commercial  considerations

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