Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 1st May 2023.

The last reporting period has seen a considerable volume of maritime security activity across the key regions of the northern Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea.

👉 Within the Gulf of Oman, the MT ADVANTAGE SWEET was boarded by Iranian forces under the auspices of having previously been involved in a collision with an unknown Iranian vessel. The incident is highly likely to have been the result of an earlier detention of a vessel carrying an Iranian oil cargo in the vicinity of South Africa. The incident can be seen in light of the well established Iranian tactic of reciprocal action which has on a number of occasions seen Iranian forces board and detain foreign vessels from states to which Iran perceives grievance. The incident does not at this time alter the risk profile for the wider commercial market operating within the area.

👉 Within the Gulf of Aden, two incidents occurred. Once incident south of Nishtun, resulted in an exchange of fire between embarked security personnel and what was latterly claimed to be Yemeni coastguard personnel. In addition, a vessel has reported a sustained approach whilst in transit 300nm East of Socotra Island. Whilst no shots were fired or compromises of vessel or crew safety reported, this is the 3rd such incident within 100nm in the last 12 months. An earlier report regarding the missing S/Y 30 MINUETS which is alleged to have disappeared off the coast of the Yemeni Red Sea coast, has resulted in the vessel being located at Djibouti. The vessel is reported to have come under fire from unidentified persons off- shore Yemen, resulting in damage to the vessel structure.

👉 The evacuation of civilians from Sudan continues amongst spiralling of violence. Whilst there is a significant risk of commercial disruption, there is assessed to be a low risk of threats to commercial vessels operating within the wider Red Sea.

👉 Within the Gulf of Guinea, 3 personnel are understood to have been kidnapped from an MT operating at the Owendo Anchorage. Two incidents of low level maritime crime have been reported at Luanda and Lagos. The incident at Lagos is the first reported incident since 18 March 2022.