Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 5th June 2023.

👉 Reporting indicates that Libya is seeing increased violence with the Government of National Unity (GNU) intensifying drone strikes on western targets, indicating desperation due to failures against the Libyan National Army (LNA). Strikes have widened to include Misrata, Zuetina, and Zuwara, with civilian targeting accusations from the LNA leading to a UN investigation call. Amidst these, the UN has extended Operation Irini’s mandate to enforce the Libya arms embargo for one year, amid concerns about violations by both parties. This complex environment poses heightened risks for commercial operators.

👉 Within the Black Sea recent reports have highlighted that Russia has been involved in a 225% increase in clandestine oil transfers at sea, using tactics such as transferring oil to smaller vessels and changing tanker names to evade sanctions and sell oil at higher prices. Additionally, Ukraine has continued to allege that Russia continues to block Black Sea grain operations. Commercial operators must remain vigilant, exercise caution, and implement robust risk mitigation strategies to navigate these threats effectively.