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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Assessment w/c Monday 18th October

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This week, the IMB reported that piracy and armed robbery incidents were at their lowest for the first

nine months of any year since 1994.

Access the latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment for the week commencing Monday 18th October. 


However, the IMB has warned against complacency. The Singapore Straits and Callao Anchorage in Peru both experienced the highest number of incidents since 1991 with 20 and 15 incidents respectively. Whilst these are mostly low-level, opportunistic crime, the IMB warns that there is capability to carry out violent attacks in the regions.

Access the full analysis via the Dryad Global Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment interactive infographic brings the macro and the micro of global risk intelligence together in one accessible, intuitive space.
Dryad Global MSTA-18 Oct-21
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The dashboard provides you with a weekly summary:

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This easy graphic provides the maritime security market with a great place to capture the global situation and a launch point to learn more.  If you are subscribed to our online intelligence portal ATLAS INFORM you can save time and jump straight into the content from here to read wider content curated from a variety of sources.

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Key features:


Current and in-depth global maritime crime statistics and incident data analysis.

Global country overview Risk Assessments for on shore, beyond port operations.

Regional security insights and maritime crime trends in context to individual incidents, maritime regions or countries. 

Port Risk Assessments, based on the metrics that matter. Our extensive network of global agents and collaborators provide us with essential alerts and in-country updates about security issues that may affect port operations.

Risk profile takes into account the main vessel parameters, cargo, and local on shore security dynamics, context, current threats to maritime security and recommendations.

Near-real time data analysis providing the latest global intelligence reporting, historical and contextual data, weather patterns and routing nuances to provide an industry leading transit risk assessment. 

High Risk Areas broken out in detail to show maritime security risks in key transit areas.

Grasping the global geo-political situation and understanding it within the context of individual port operations is a huge ask especially if you’re also responsible for other areas of your company’s operations.

If you need to move crews beyond the port boundary in multiple countries, will you have the time to conduct due diligence on the states involved?

Find out how our Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment can support your business.

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