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        Al Jazeera

        Leviathan: China’s new navy

        With its new aircraft carrier, the Fujian, China is leapfrogging current military technologies to challenge the might of the US navy.  

        Lebanon warns against any Israeli ‘aggression’ in disputed waters

        President Michel Aoun said any activity in the disputed area would amount to an act of aggression and a provocation.

        Yemen truce extended for two months, but warring sides far apart

        Initial two-month truce, which had notably reduced hostilities in Yemen, had been set to expire on Thursday.

        Russian government approves list of unfriendly countries and territories

        Russia has said all corporate deals with companies and individuals from “unfriendly countries” will now have to be approved by a government commission.

        Yemen’s Houthis reject UN call to free UAE-flagged ship

        Yemeni Houthi rebels have rejected a UN request to release an Emirati-flagged vessel they seized earlier this month, along with its 11-member crew, saying the ship was carrying “military assets”.

        Somalia’s allies fear instability as political crisis deepens

        Intensifying row between president and prime minister sparks concerns as the country struggles to hold long-delayed elections.

        Libyan political body calls for presidential vote to be delayed

        The High State Council says the presidential and parliamentary elections should both take place on the same day.

        China uses maritime militia to assert claim on South China Sea

        New report finds Beijing funding hundreds of vessels that it uses to back its expansive claim in the disputed waters.

        Several killed in attack at Shell facility in Nigeria’s southeast

        Seven people have been killed in an attack on a convoy transporting workers to a Shell oil and gas project in Nigeria’s southeast, police say.

        Saudi-led coalition intercepted Houthi drone from Yemen

        Drone, heading towards the southwest Khamis Mushait region, was shot down by Saudi air defence, coalition said.