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        Dryad Global Annual Report 2021

        The Dryad Global Annual Report 2021 is now available.

        Zueitina Port Disruption

        Reporting indicates that protesters have closed the main gate of Zueitina Port and are preventing the entry and exit of employees. Protesters are demanding employment, and threaten to stop export..

        China's maritime militia breaks rules and charts course for global dominance

        China's quest to become a maritime superpower has turned its massive fishing fleet into a floating militia that actively engages in aggressive, and often illegal, practices at sea.

        World’s most fertile fishing ground is facing a ‘unique and dire’ threat

        China’s Pacific fishing fleet has grown by 500% since 2012 and is taking huge quantities of tuna.

        Project Force: Who will win the underwater arms race?

        New designs, new technologies and new weapons are shaping the submarines of the future, which are being manufactured right now, in response to global demand for more potent and flexible designs.

        How effective have regional frameworks been in resolving piracy within West Africa to date?

        The West African maritime security situation is at breaking point. Seafarer's lives are at risk from ever-increasing violent attacks and Nigerian pirates are operating with increased impunity...

        France’s forever war in the Sahel

        With violence rife across the region, France has few good options to bring back the troops.

        Dryad Global: Annual Report 2021

          Our annual report is available to download now.   

        Missing Turks found murdered in Iraq

        Dozens of people have been arrested after the bodies of 13 Turks who had been missing for five years were found in a cave. All had been shot. Eight have been identified as soldiers and police..