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EU's Red Sea mission comes at a price — Somali pirates are back

EU pressing China to pledge Taiwan peace

The EU and US are urging Beijing to pledge to non-aggression in the South China Sea, amid heightened tension on Taiwan.

The threat from Russia's fleet of 'ghost tankers'

The European Council is currently debating the proposal for a new maritime security strategy. The proposed strategy reflects the EU's changing threat environment such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine..

New EU military missions in West Africa to counter Russia

The EU is aiming to launch three new military missions in West Africa after Russia pushed Europe out of the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali and threatens to do so in Burkina Faso.

EU eyes Indian Ocean naval adventure

Europe is preparing to boost its naval presence in the north west Indian Ocean "to uphold freedom of navigation" in the world's trade jugular.

EU anti-piracy mission risks ejection from Somalia

The EU's flagship naval operation risks losing permission to pursue pirates in Somalia's waters due to local politics.