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'Grey war zone' in South China sea a cause of concern: Indian Navy

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India's concerns in the South China Sea have been voiced by the Indian Navy, highlighting the rise of non-traditional security threats like maritime terrorism, piracy, illegal fishing, and trafficking, collectively termed as 'grey war zone' issues.


Vice Admiral D.K. Tripathi emphasized the Navy's vigilant monitoring and swift action against these activities in real-time. Addressing the press ahead of Indian Navy Day celebrations, he stressed the importance of coastal security and offered training assistance to the state administration.

For the first time, the Navy's western command will host the celebrations in Malwan, Sindhudurg, to honor Navy's founder Chhatrapati Shivaji. Tripathi lauded the Navy's efforts in achieving self-reliance, commissioning numerous ships and submarines from Indian shipyards. With ongoing shipbuilding contracts worth over Rs 1.15 lakh crore, the Navy aims for 65 out of 67 ships and submarines to be constructed domestically.

Tripathi underscored the challenges posed by IUU fishing, trafficking, and piracy, necessitating new approaches to maritime security. He highlighted a significant narcotics seizure and the ongoing threats to international shipping and seafarers due to unregulated activities. The Navy closely monitors activities in the Indian and South China seas, analyzing data and providing relevant insights to headquarters for prompt action.

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The vice admiral emphasized cyber threats as a fifth dimension of warfare, conducting audits to safeguard weapon sensors and communication systems. Cautioning against vulnerable mobile apps, the Navy aims to secure its network and prevent potential monitoring and analysis by external entities.

Tripathi also mentioned the induction of a woman commanding officer and envisioned a woman leading the western naval command in the future. Acknowledging the deficiency in minesweepers, critical for wartime mine clearance in sea lanes, the Navy plans to acquire an improvised version, initiating the acquisition process with modified specifications.


Source: The Times of India