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In the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Sum of its Parts is Greater Than the Whole

The recent EU engagements in the Indo-Pacific, including the third EU-Indo Pacific Ministerial Forum and the 24th ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting, highlighted significant differences between European..

'Grey war zone' in South China sea a cause of concern: Indian Navy

India's concerns in the South China Sea have been voiced by the Indian Navy, highlighting the rise of non-traditional security threats like maritime terrorism, piracy, illegal fishing, and..

[OPINION] India, Japan and South Korea Should Work Together to Protect Shipping

Kabir Taneja is a research fellow in the Observer Research Foundation's strategic studies program in New Delhi.

Battle For Indian Ocean: How EU And India Can Strengthen Maritime Security

China’s strategic use of ports, as well as its growing military presence in the maritime space in general, has increasingly aroused the displeasure of other actors in the Indian Ocean, including..

Tackling maritime security requires a revised Indo-Pacific Strategy

Criminals are nothing if not flexible. As the United States considers how to grapple with the challenges stemming from illegal and unreported fishing, War on the Rocks' research has shown that..

India and Australia should join forces to support maritime security in the Pacific

India’s engagement with Pacific island countries would benefit from appointing a dedicated defence adviser to the region, possibly based at the high commission in Suva, Fiji.

India, Europe, and the Bay of Bengal: Converging maritime security interests

Maritime security in the Bay of Bengal can provide ground for convergence among European players and India, especially in the Indo-Pacific context.

Seychelles & India sign agreement on information sharing in maritime security

Maritime safety and security within the Indian Ocean are set to increase and will benefit Seychelles as two centres dealing with and coordinating maritime information exchange signed a memorandum of..

Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill 2022: A Game-Changer For Shipping Industry Security?

The legislation will apply to India's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which extends to 200 nautical miles from the coastline, and penalty for piracy includes the death sentence.

Indian Court Detains Russian Ship Carrying Military Cargo

The Kerala High Court ordered that the Maia-1 be arrested until it pays 1.9 million rupees (about $23,500) to an Estonian firm, Bunker Partner