Access the latest Dryad Global Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 3rd October 2022.

👉 Swedish and Danish authorities found 4 leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines which carry gas from Russia to Germany in the vicinity of the Danish island of Bornholm. Danish authorities and NATO and EU forces have increased emergency preparedness, surveillance, and security for the energy sector. The incidents are reported to be an act of sabotage, with suspicions that Russia orchestrated the attack. Russia is among a limited number of countries with the capability to attack the Nord Stream pipeline in the well monitored, strategic location. 

👉 In Yemen, the UN-mediated truce expired on 02 October. An extension of the truce has not been agreed upon. The UN has stated that there are ongoing negotiations to extend and expand the truce for a duration of 6 months with new accommodations that aim to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and work towards a permanent ceasefire. The truce has reduced the risk in the lower Red Sea east of Hanish and Zubair islands with no reported significant maritime or cross-border incidents. There will likely be a return to the substantial risk profile in the lower Red Sea if the truce is not extended. 

👉 In the Red Sea, the United Nations has announced that work on the decaying FSO Safer positioned off the coast of Yemen is expected to begin in the next few weeks. The salvage operation to avert an oil leak that would cause disruption in commercial shipping and an environmental catastrophe is expected to take four months.

👉 The United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to extend the inspection and seizure of ships off the Libyan coast by 12 months. The resolution gives permission for Security Council member states to inspect ships suspected of smuggling immigrants or human trafficking.