Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 6th February 2023.

👉 With the arrival of February, the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine looms large. With the potential for a renewed Russian advance, significant questions remains around the prospect of Russian activity within the maritime domain. Whilst at this stage it remains highly unlikely that commercial activities within the wider Black Sea would face disruption, attacks within January highlighted the continued vulnerability of Ukrainian Ports and vessels therein. Russia retains both the capability and intent to conduct operations targeting Ukrainian Port infrastructure, notably those ports beyond the UN brokered Grain Deal. Such attacks would be commensurate with an already established pattern of activity.

👉 Incidents within South East Asia have continued to rise resulting in a close parity with incident volumes across the January to February timeframe in 2022.

👉 Within both the wider Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea areas, this trend has not played out with incident volumes continuing to slide against the same timeframe in 2022.

👉 Within Libya violent clashes continue to represent simmering tensions between the rival factions, thus far with limited impact on terminal and port locations.