Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 7th November 2022.

👉 Events within the Black Sea continue to progress with Russia re-joining the Black Sea Grain initiative having initially withdrawn in response to attacks on Russian Naval vessels at Sevastopol. Such a move indicates strongly that Russia views active participation in the initiative as key to Russia’s wider strategic aims. Russia has continued to seek to cast doubt on its willingness to renew the deal post 19 November 22 with Russia actively seeking concessions and sanctions reprieve on a range of agricultural products and is tying these with its renewal prospects. Beyond the grain initiative, Russia has shown its willingness to continue to target Ukrainian national infrastructure, it is likely that such targets will continue to include port areas out with those contained within the grain initiative. 

👉 Within West Africa, incident rates continue to be significantly low. Despite this, low level maritime criminality inclusive of violent gang activity within rivers and waterways in Nigeria, continue to feature. Following the arrest of the M/T HEROIC IDUN reports indicate that the crew will be deported to Nigeria to face trial. Nigerian has recently taken significant steps to strengthen its maritime security legislation ensuring frameworks for the successful prosecution of maritime crimes and piracy committed within its waters.

👉 Within Libya, forces loyal to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar continue to consolidate in the vicinity of Tripoli. Low level skirmishes and attacks on militant positions continue to threaten an established peace. This far port areas continue to be removed from the core activity however militant presence in the vicinity of key ports continues to be a concern.