Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 6th March 2023.

👉  Official recorded global maritime security incidents continue to show a continuation of the declining trend with two of the three core regions showing an over 50% decline of incidents when compared with the same timeframe last year. Incidents of low-level maritime criminality continue to be the hallmarks of reporting.

👉  Within Libya rival militants continue several weeks of clashes in and around the key Port town of Zawiya. Meanwhile a security patrol seized a vessel alleged to be smuggling fuel off the Abu Kamash coastal area, west of Libya. Within Misrata customs services are reported to have uncovered a large haul of handguns stashed in a 20-foot-long container at the city's seaport. As political deadlock remains, disputes over salaries and funding increase. Within the last reporting period, Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) have threatened to close ports and refineries in Western Libya in response to a dispute over unpaid salaries. Libya continues to operate in a state of perpetual crisis with significant tension building over the political blockade in Tripoli.

👉  Within the Gulf of Aden, one vessel reported being approached 300nm East of Socotra. A similar report was received on the 05 May 2022 regarding the presence of small craft apparently supported by a larger vessel. Further to this a report was received regarding small craft movement within the IRTC. Neither reports are assessed to have been security related with such activity being commensurate with normal pattern of life within the region.

👉  Within the Gulf of Guinea, two incidents of vessel robbery were reported. With Nigerian Presidential elections concluded, President elect Bola Tinubu has received significant backing from the maritime sector promising to consolidate on improvements in security within Nigerian waters and usher in a new era of maritime prosperity for Nigeria.