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        How Yachts Contribute to Trans-Atlantic Cocaine Trade

        A yacht, found off the coast of Portugal with the country's largest-ever haul of cocaine, illustrates how these smaller, private vessels have become a favoured modus operandi to move cocaine between Latin America and lucrative European markets.  

        Migrant Smuggling Routes, Hideouts in Colombia's Indigenous Lands

        The recent dismantling of a migrant smuggling ring in Colombia has revealed the routes, corruption networks and modus operandi used to move thousands of migrants through the country.

        Ecuador: The New Corridor for South American Arms Trafficking

        As Ecuador reels from its worst prison massacre, military intelligence has recently revealed a flow of arms from Chile and Peru into Ecuador along its southern border, highlighting the country's key..

        South Africa Raises Profile as Cocaine Trafficking Hub

        South Africa has made a rapid succession of large cocaine seizures in recent months, illuminating how the country and region now play a significant role as transit points for Latin American cocaine.

        Cargo Ships Act as Trans-Atlantic Drug Carriers

        Police in Brazil have broken up a smuggling ring that had a curious modus operandi. For years, its divers strapped cocaine to the hulls of cargo ships departing for Europe, an increasingly popular..

        Weapons Traffickers Target Chile's Port of Iquique

        After a seizure of disassembled guns found in vehicles shipped from the United States to Chile, a prosecutor warned that the South American country – not typically a hub for illegal firearms – had..

        Fishermen Fight Off Pirate Attacks in Ecuador

        Fishermen in Ecuador have taken matters into their own hands to combat pirate attacks that have long plagued the nation's coastal provinces.