Boarding - 33nm SSW 33nm SSW al Hudaydah

Reporting by UKMTO and MICA Centre indicates that a vessel was attacked whilst in transit 33nm SSW Al Hudaydah. It is understood that the vessel was approached by unknown individuals in 3 skiffs and several attempts were made to board the vessel. The vessel is understood to have avoided a boarding and departed the area.

Suspicious Approach

Reporting by UKMTO indicates that when transiting at about 30nm south Aden, a commercial vessel, reported being approached by two skiffs. The vessel is understood to have conducted evasive measures...

Suspicious Approach - 351nm NNE Socotra

Reporting from UKMTO indicates that an MV was approached by two small crafts with four POB on each. The crafts are reported to have come within 0.5nm of of the vessel. A larger craft and a third..

Suspicious Sighting

UKMTO Watchkeeper:

Suspicious Approach - 30nm west of port Saleef

UKMTO reporting indicates that an M/V has reported a close approach by an unknown craft 30nm west of port Saleef.

UKMTO - Incident Warning

UKMTO has received reports of an incident in the vicinity of 1848N 05855E (Approx 86 NM from Al Duqm Port). Investigations are ongoing. The incident is not thought to be piracy related.