War On The Rocks

Iran's Proxy Fleets-in-Being

When discussing the risks posed by Iran’s asymmetric capabilities and proxy tactics at sea, observers have overlooked the possibility of Tehran employing a historical maritime strategy called the fleet-in-being.

Tackling maritime security requires a revised Indo-Pacific Strategy

Criminals are nothing if not flexible. As the United States considers how to grapple with the challenges stemming from illegal and unreported fishing, War on the Rocks' research has shown that..

Libya’s Fragile Deadlock

Central Intelligence Agency Director Bill Burns made whirlwind visits to Benghazi and Tripoli on January 12, asking contending Libyan leaders to expel roughly a thousand Russian personnel and help..

Red Sea Drones: Countering Houthi Maritime Tactics

Mariners in the Red Sea have long been threatened by pirates, but they now must deal with a much more modern threat as well: unmanned explosive boats.