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        Nigeria outlaws ransom payments

        The Nigerian Senate has passed a bill imposing jail terms of at least 15 years for paying a ransom to free someone who has been kidnapped, and made the crime of abduction punishable by death in cases where victims die.

        US to send destroyer, fighter jets to UAE amid Houthi attacks

        The Yemen-based rebel group has claimed three missile and drone attacks on the UAE since January 17.

        Yemen’s Houthis re-enter Hodeidah Port city

        Forces loyal to Yemen’s internationally recognised government have withdrawn from the strategic port city of Hodeidah, allowing Houthi rebels to retake key positions there, Yemeni officials and the..

        Iran & Venezuela to sign 20-year cooperation accord

        Iran will sign a 20-year cooperation accord with Venezuela when President Nicolas Maduro visits Tehran “in the next few months”.

        Israel freezes UAE oil deal over environmental concerns

        Israel’s environmental protection ministry has announced its decision to delay the implementation of a proposed oil exports transport deal with the United Arab Emirates, freezing a project that has..

        Will Libya commander Haftar run in December’s election?

        The renegade military commander is holding rallies and polishing his image ahead of polls, according to Libya observers.