Casper Goldman

IRGC detains two Greek vessels in Persian Gulf

Reporting indicates that the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) have detained two Greek-flagged oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. The vessels have been identified as the MV Delta Poseidon (IMO9468671), and the MV Prudent Warrior (IMO9753545).

Reports of vessel targeted off Ukraine

Reporting indicates that the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority reported Bangladesh flagged bulk carrier BANGLAR SAMRIDDHI (IMO9793832) has been struck with a missile at 15:25UTC whilst anchored..

Reports of Russian Navy detaining three vessels

Reporting indicates that the Ukrainian Government and the Ukrainian Ports Authority reported three vessels have been detained by the Russian Navy in proximity to Snake (Zmiiny) Island, two of which..

Will a new anti- piracy framework solve the Gulf of Guinea's piracy woes?

The latest self-enforcing regional commitments aimed at improving maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea were announced last week by the Inter Regional Coordination Centre Yaoundé (ICC) and the..

Denmark to deploy Absalon-class Danish frigate to the Gulf of Guinea

Denmark has announced that it will deploy an Absalon-class Danish frigate equipped with a detachment of Danish Marines and helicopter to the Gulf of Guinea between November 2021 and March 2022.

Context en achtergrondinformatie: ontvoerde crew aan boord van de Nederlandse olietanker Davide B

De MV Davide B is op 11 Maart 2021 aangevallen door 9 bewapende individuen 213nm (nautische mijlen) ten Zuiden van Cotonou. 15 van de 21 crewleden zijn ontvoerd, de nationaliteit van deze crewleden..

How effective have regional frameworks been in resolving piracy within West Africa to date?

The West African maritime security situation is at breaking point. Seafarer's lives are at risk from ever-increasing violent attacks and Nigerian pirates are operating with increased impunity...

What is the nature of risk to commercial operations within the Gulf of Mexico?

The probability of maritime crime and piracy within the Gulf of Mexico negatively impacting commercial operators is low. However, a concerning trend is emerging in the Southern Gulf of Mexico states..