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Nine jailed in first Togo pirate trial

Nine pirates who attempted to hijack a ship in Togolese waters in May 2019 have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 12 to 20 years during a trial at a Lome court.

West Africa - MARSEC Warning

Source: Reported to MDAT-GoG by RELIABLE SOURCES

Kidnapping - 75nm South Lomé

Reporting indicates that the MV AGISILAOS (IMO:9315745) was boarded by an unknown number of persons while underway.

Suspicious approach - 59nm South Lome

Reporting indicates that the MT SKS DONGGANG (IMO:9461855) was approached by a skiff with an unknown number of persons onboard.

CRITICAL Risk - Gulf of Guinea

Operations within the Gulf of Guinea are often conducted against the backdrop of heightened risk. This is partly due to the prevalence of piracy in the region, and the relative lack of both counter..

Boarding 162nm South Cotonou

Reporting indicates that the Singapore flagged Chemical Tanker TORM ALEXANDRA was boarded whilst in transit from Lomé.

Boarding 94nm SW Brass

Reporting indicates that the panama flagged product tanker NAFELI II (IMO 9291638) activated her SSAS whilst in transit 94nm SW Brass.

Boarding 115 Nm South of Lomé

Reporting indicates that the chemical tanker M/T PTI NILE (IMO9747338) has been boarded 115nm South Lomé.