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US, Russia and China seek edge as battle for Arctic heats up

The top U.S. and Russian diplomats will meet for the Arctic Council this week amid growing alarm in Washington over Moscow's ramped-up military activity and Beijing's pursuit of shipping lanes in the..

Dryad Global Maritime Security Workshop - Video

Last month we teamed up with WISTA UK to deliver a strategic maritime security workshop & annual review briefing. The webinar recording is now available (scroll down). In your own time, join Dryad..

Why France is a welcome security partner for Japan

This past week, French forces joined the Japan Self-Defense Force, Australian Defence Force and U.S. military for a multilateral amphibious exercise in Camp Ainoura, Sasebo. This marks the first time..

Kidnapping - 65nm South Tema

Reporting indicates that the F/V ATLANTIC PRINCESS (IMO8124412) was boarded 65nm South of Tema resulting in the kidnap of 5 crew.

Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy

Dryad Global are proud to join the world’s leading companies and associations in the shipping industry to sign BIMCO's Gulf of Guinea Declaration on the Suppression of Piracy. What's the Declaration..

Deep Blue Project Ready To Deploy

As Nigeria gets set to deploy Deep Blue Project to protect its coastal waters, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) says piracy will no longer be allowed to thrive.

Designated Risk Areas - Arbitrary Lines or Useful Tools for the Illustration of risk?

The ownership and authority to define risk based on the parameters and locations of HRAs continues to be contested and fraught with issues and unintended consequences.

U.S. to review Jones Act waiver requests

The White House said the Biden Administration was ready to review Jones Act waiver requests from companies that can show insufficient domestic capacity, but stopped short of saying it would issue any..

Could terrorists cause the next 'Ever Given' crisis?

On March 23, the vessel Ever Given ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal, and while now resolved, the next time a vital maritime chokepoint is blocked, it may not be an accident – but terrorism.

SA in “conversation” with Mozambique on Op Copper

Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD) heard the South African military, in all probability in the form of the Joint Operations Division, “prompted a conversation” with Mozambique as..

Aus-NZ superyacht travel now without quarantine

Trans-Tasman bubble between New Zealand and Australia now available to superyachts on a case by case basis.

China’s Growing Influence in Africa; Nigeria Wants AFRICOM HQ Relocated from Germany

The top U.S. military officer in Africa says he is concerned about China’s growing commercial and military influence there — including plans to locate a large naval port somewhere on the continent’s..

Israel Attacks - Impact on Maritime Domain

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have risen substantially in the past 12 days.

Force majeure in Mozambique upends LNG fundamentals

The decision by energy major, Total, to declare force majeure on its LNG project in Mozambique will radically change the global LNG supply-demand balance later this decade, according to experts.

What the Vaccine roll out means for superyacht owners and operators

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for superyacht owners and operators last year. However, as vaccine roll out continues apace in many superyacht destinations across the globe, it..

Italy says Libyan coastguard fired on its fishing boats

The Libyan coastguard on Thursday fired on three Italian fishing boats, injuring the captain of one of the vessels, Italian authorities said.

Project Force: Who will win the underwater arms race?

New designs, new technologies and new weapons are shaping the submarines of the future, which are being manufactured right now, in response to global demand for more potent and flexible designs.

Why Mohammed bin Salman Suddenly Wants to Talk to Iran

Secret meetings have been going on at least since January, catalysed by the spectre of U.S. withdrawal from the region.

Video: Greek Diver Recovers Cocaine Smuggled in Ship’s Hull

Illustrating the depths to which drug smugglers are going in their attempts to move their illicit cargo, the Hellenic Coast Guard released video of a drug seizure this week hidden underwater behind..

Will a new anti- piracy framework solve the Gulf of Guinea's piracy woes?

The latest self-enforcing regional commitments aimed at improving maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea were announced last week by the Inter Regional Coordination Centre Yaoundé (ICC) and the..

Maritime Cyber Security & Threats 25 Apr - May 21

Dryad and cyber partners RedSkyAlliance continue to monitor attempted attacks within the maritime sector. Here we continue to examine how email is used to deceive the recipient and potentially expose..

Mozambique Could Become Africa’s Next Piracy Hot Spot

On March 24, Ansar al-Sunna, a militant group linked to the Islamic State, launched a bloody attack on the coastal town of Palma, in northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, leaving at least 61..

Russia’s Expanding Footprint In The Middle East

Over the last month, the shadow of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has loomed large across the Middle East. In March, he visited the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He was soon back in the..