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Is Quds Force Chief Qaani Likely to Open a Hezbollah Front Against Israel?

The recent exchange of fire between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah has raised concerns about the possibility of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza spreading to Lebanon and potentially escalating into a..

How terrorism threatens the future of Mozambique

Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi announced the death of terrorist leader Bonomade Machude Omar, also known as Ibn Omar or Abu Suraka, during a state visit by his Cuban counterpart. However, Nyusi..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 27th Nov 23

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 27th November 2023.

Somali Piracy Case Study: Lessons Learned From Handling the Captain Phillips Case

In 2009, the Maersk Alabama's capture by Somali pirates thrust the dangers encountered by maritime workers into the global spotlight. This high-profile incident, pivotal in teaching us about..

A Sober Analysis of Ukrainian Success in the Black Sea (Thord Are Iversen)

Former Royal Norwegian Navy Officer Thord Are Iversen recently visited CIMSEC's 'Sea Control' podcast to discuss the intricacies of the Ukraine/Russia battle for the Black Sea.

Safe Shipping: A Forgotten Aspect of Maritime Security in the Pacific

In the vast panorama of maritime security, the often-overlooked facet of maritime safety holds paramount importance, encompassing regulations, seafarer welfare, and environmental preservation. Sadly,..

The Increasing Risks of Black Sea Shipping

In the wake of the conflict in Ukraine, the Black Sea has become a hotbed of turmoil, endangering ships ferrying Ukrainian grain.

Managing the Complex Maritime Disputes That Divide China and the US

Amidst the volatility between China and the U.S., Taiwan stands as a pivotal concern, but the maritime arena follows closely. American leaders aim to "manage" relations with China, safeguarding the..

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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 20th Nov 23

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 20th November 2023.

Coastal waters turning into ‘world’s biggest transnational crime scene’

Africa's coastal nations are grappling with a surge in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, piracy, and drug smuggling, transforming African waters into a hub for transnational crime,..

China accelerates activities to dominate the Indian Ocean: Implications for India

China's strategic moves in the Indian Ocean have raised concerns as it conducts joint maritime exercises with Pakistan in the northern Arabian Sea, featuring an anti-piracy escort force, including a..

Russia, a Chinese cargo ship and the sabotage of subsea cables in the Baltic Sea

In a recent incident largely overshadowed by global events, two subsea telecommunications cables and a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea were deliberately damaged. The 77-kilometer Balticconnector gas..

US, Chinese diplomats meet in Beijing to discuss maritime issues including South China Sea

In a sign of a slight thaw in relations, senior officials from the United States and China engaged in talks in Beijing to discuss maritime issues in the disputed South China and East China seas. The..

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China’s growing maritime presence in Egypt's ports and the Suez Canal

China's increasing involvement in Egypt's strategic ports is evident through the participation of both private and state-owned Chinese companies in acquiring, developing, and operating Egyptian..

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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 13th Nov 23

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 13th November 2023.

Israel’s Maritime Industry Asks The Government To Aid With Jump In War Insurance

The escalating conflict in Gaza has led to a tenfold increase in war risk premiums for ships bound for Israel, prompting industry stakeholders to seek government assistance in ensuring the continued..

It’s the Terrifying Question: Will the War Spread North?

Recent developments in the Hamas-Israel conflict have raised concerns about the potential for a regional conflagration. Israel's plans for a ground offensive against Hamas have sparked fears of the..

The Viability of a Partitioned Yemen: Challenges to a Houthi State

For all the Houthis’ success during the war, it is unclear if they can transition into an effective government.

Bulker's Master Injured in Armed Robbery in Strait of Malacca

A crucial global trade route is subject to a rash of petty crime, but the consequences aren’t so petty.

Why the rusting wreck of a second world war ship is so important to China

Over the past two decades, China has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, undergoing a transformation that extends beyond its economic prowess. China’s pursuit of enhanced military capabilities,..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 7th Nov 23

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 6th November 2023.

Yaoundé Architecture played key role in quelling piracy in Gulf of Guinea - KAIPTC

21 incidents of maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea have been recorded for the first nine months of 2023, in comparison to the 19 incidents recorded in all of 2022, according to the ICC..

Chinese & Russian Ships Found In Vicinity Of Damaged Gas Pipeline, Telecoms Cable Raise Security Concerns

Per vessel tracking data, a Chinese container ship and a Russian-flagged ship probed over damage to a gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland were present at the site at the same time when the telecom..

The Wagner Group’s Web in Libya

Russia has developed a complex network of influence in Libya through the Wagner group and will likely keep using private military actors to maintain its leverage.

Chinese-Philippine Collisions Bring Attention Back to the South China Sea

Twin collisions in the South China Sea are testing Philippine and U.S. resolve toward Chinese gray-zone tactics in the disputed maritime region, but absent more escalatory measures, the United States..

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