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        India takes its tussle with China to the high seas

        New Delhi has shifted focus from the Himalayas to the oceans to send a warning to Beijing.

        St. Maarten announces COVID-19 testing protocol for yachts

        The St. Maarten government has approved a new protocol for yachts for the 2020/21 Caribbean season. The protocol, set out in the following, is subject to change based on the continuously..

        Western Indian Ocean: Where trouble on land spells danger at sea

        Off the coast of South Africa piracy and smuggling are already a menace. Add a budding Islamist insurgency, and far-reaching implications may follow.  South Africa may be facing an unholy mix of..

        Maritime Cyber Security & Threats Oct 2020 Week Three

        Dryad and cyber partners RedSkyAlliance continue to monitor attempted attacks within the maritime sector. Here we continue to examine how email is used to deceive the recipient and potentially expose..

        US troops could be sent to defend Senkaku Islands

        American troops could be sent to disputed islands in the East China Sea, the head of US forces in Japan said, as the two allies began a high-profile drill amid growing concerns over Beijing’s..

        Greek Navy Minehunting Vessel Sliced In Two By Container Ship

        In a dramatic incident off the Greek port city of Piraeus, near Athens, the Greek Navy minehunter Kallisto was involved in a collision with a commercial freighter. The force of the impact left the..

        Libya's NOC lifts force majeure on entire Libyan fields and ports

        The National Oil Corporation (NOC) declares the end of all blockades on Libyan oil fields and ports with the lifting of Force Majeure status on Al Feel Oil Field as of Monday 26 October 2020.

        US introduces new round of sanctions on Iranian oil companies

        Iran's state-owned oil company and the country's biggest tanker operator blacklisted by the US. A series of companies have also been sanctioned for transporting Iranian oil to Venezuela.

        English Channel: Incident Ongoing - Stowaways Control Vessel

        Reporting indicates that the M/T NAVE ANDROMEDA (IMO 9580405) is currently involved in an ongoing incident 20nm SW Gosport within the English channel.

        Libya's NOC lifts force majeure on Sidra and Ras Lanuf ports

        The National Oil Corporation (NOC) declares lifting of Force Majeure status on Sidra and Ras Lanuf ports as of Friday 23 October 2020.

        SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum: safety & security challenges in a pandemic

        The second day of the SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum successfully concluded on October 21st focusing on the how the pandemic has affected ship safety, maritime and cyber security as well as marine..

        Maritime Cyber Security & Threats Oct 2020 Week Two

        Dryad and cyber partners RedSkyAlliance continue to monitor attempted attacks within the maritime sector. Here we continue to examine how email is used to deceive the recipient and potentially expose..

        Boarding 107nm South Lagos

        Reporting indicates that the SSAS had been activated for the M/T ERRINA following her being boarded. 

        PENGASSAN threatens nationwide strike

        The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has threatened a nationwide strike following attacks on innocent #ENDSARS campaigners across the country.

        Increased Security Threats for vessels operating in the Gulf of Guinea

        As the dry season approaches and sea conditions abate, an increase in attacks has traditionally been seen, so maritime security risks to vessels operating in the Gulf of Guinea require renewed..

        UN registers Turkey-Libya maritime agreement: What does it mean?

        Earlier this month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres registered the Turkey-Libya deal on the delimitation of maritime jurisdiction in the Mediterranean. Under Article 102 of the UN Charter,..

        Niger Delta militants plan to attack Chevron, Shell, NNPC facilities

        A coalition of nine renegade militant groups in the Niger-Delta region has declared support for the raging EndSARS protests across the country, saying they were ready to resume hostilities, attack..

        Satellite Analysis Reveals New Theory For Deadly Wakashio Oil Spill

        The latest set of satellite assessments is shedding new light into the cause of the Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius. It shows that the key to the entire oil spill and crash investigation lies with..

        Boarding 115 Nm South of Lomé

        Reporting indicates that the chemical tanker M/T PTI NILE (IMO9747338) has been boarded 115nm South Lomé. 

        Superyachts Flock to Indian Ocean Beauty Spot as Restrictions Lifted

        The exquisite cruising grounds of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean are open for superyachts. Since lifting Covid-19 restrictions, the Maldives has attracted a number of foreign-flagged superyachts..

        Kidnapping - Punta Europa Anchorage (Equatorial Guinea)

        Reporting indicates that the LNG tanker METHANE PRINCESS (IMO9253715) has been boarded whilst at anchor off Malabo.

        Libya's NOC lifts Al Sharara Field Force Majeure

        Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) reaches agreement with Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFGs) to lift  the force majeure status and resumption of production in Al Sharara Oil Field.

        No Space for Complacency as African kidnap numbers rise

        Shipowners' organisation Bimco has urged Nigeria to step up efforts to safeguard seafarers as more and more crew are kidnapped from vessels in the Gulf of Guinea. The plea from the..

        Boarding Lagos Port

        Reporting Indicates that two boats approached the BASAT and two armed individuals boarded the vessel at the bow. 

        Military Exercise in Persian Gulf - South Abu Musa

        It has been reported to UKMTO that Iranian military forces will be conducting military exercise with live firings in the vicinity south of ABU MUSA iaw 051650 UTC OCT 20 BANDAR ABBAS NAVTEX message..

        Diminished role for armed guards despite piracy risks

        There is a diminished role for armed guards in contemporary maritime security despite increasing piracy threats, according to security experts.

        Military Exercise Persian Gulf

        It has been reported to UKMTO that a live fire military exercise is to take place East of Larak

        Gulf of Guinea - Piracy Alert

        Single (credible) and unconfirmed source :

        GPS interference and jamming on the increase

        Ships have reported an increasing number of cases of significant GPS interference and jamming in recent months. The geographic areas with more than one reported incident include the eastern and..

        Total Warns of Islamic State Instability Risk in Mozambique

        Total SE Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne called on European nations to help Mozambique fight an insurgency, backed by Islamic State, in part of the East African nation where the energy..

        Libya - Military Exclusion Zone (Benghazi & Tobruk)

        The Port of Benghazi Maritime Authority has notified mariners via circular that two areas in the vicinity of Benghazi and Tobruk will be designated as Military Exclusion Zones between 01 Oct - 15 Oct..

        Suspicious Approach 174nm SW Abidjan

        Reporting indicates that the F/V LIBERTY GRACE (previously known as F/V SEA HONOR) reported a suspicious approach 174nm SW Abidjan