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Deep Dive: Why western airstrikes will likely empower the Houthis

The Iran-backed Houthis, formally known as the Ansarullah movement, have intensified attacks on vessels in the Red Sea since November 2023, targeting shipping related to Israel in an attempt to..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 29th Jan 2024

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 29th Jan 2024.

US UK airstrikes risk strengthening Houthi rebels’ position in Yemen and the region

The U.S.- and U.K.-led airstrikes on the Houthi group in Yemen on January 11, 2024, targeting approximately 60 locations across 16 sites, mark a significant development in the Middle East conflict.

Somalia at a critical juncture

Somalia held indirect presidential elections in May 2022, electing Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, which led to the country's accession to the East African Community (EAC) in December 2023.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 23rd Jan 2024

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 22nd Jan 2024.

U.S.-South Korea Coordination Toward China: Maritime Security

The Taiwan Strait stands as a critical nexus in East Asia, drawing attention from South Korean observers who identify it as a potential flashpoint in US - China conflicts.

The Biden administration is seeing its Middle East policies collapsing

In response to the Israel-Gaza conflict, the Biden administration prioritised containing the turmoil within Gaza to maintain regional stability.

Are China’s actions in the South China Sea a harbinger of things to come for Taiwan?

Off the coast of Palawan in the Philippines lies the Second Thomas Shoal, housing the Sierra Madre, a decaying World War II-era vessel, pivotal to Philippine control.

Al Shabab shows its reach on land as it ventures into piracy on the high seas

Al-Shabaab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia, continues to pose a significant threat despite recent defeats suffered at the hands of Somalia's internationally supported government.

Navigating High Seas Tensions: Essential Safety Advisory for Maritime Operations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

In response to the recent NATO military operations in Yemen, Dryad Global advises all clients to suspend their operations in the Red Sea region for the ensuing 72 hours.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 8th Jan 2024

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 8th Jan 2024.