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Action can be taken to mitigate the impact of kidnap on crew

Although shipmanagers and owners are taking ever greater steps to protect their crews, the fact is that piracy is rife throughout parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas and it is likely that on any..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 30th May 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 29th May 2023.

Ransomware represents a major threat to the maritime industry

Corey Ranslem, CEO of Dryad Global, on why the superyacht industry should be paying attention to the escalating sophistication of hackers’ operations…

Airstrikes at Libyan Port

Open-Source reporting indicates that airstrikes have been conducted throughout al Zawiya and at the fishing port of al-Maya port 30km east of al Zawiya. Details regarding the incident remain unclear..

Ukraine says Russia prevents Black Sea grain deal port operating

The Ukrainian port of Pivdennyi has halted operations because Russia is not allowing ships to enter it, in effect cutting it out of a deal allowing safe Black Sea grain exports.

Threats and Challenges to Trade in the Red Sea: Should Europe Be Concerned?

A highly strategic arena for regional and international actors alike, the Red Sea serves as a critical waterway for global trade, making the Red Sea region a key geopolitical interest for Europe.

How do you stop a pirate? Put more fish in the sea.

A new study on piracy revealed surges in "part-time pirates" are deeply linked to climate change. Fishermen in East Africa and the South China Sea turn to piracy when the fish supply is low and as..

Crew Kidnapped from Eagle Bulk Vessel off West Africa Released

Three crewmembers kidnapped from a bulker off the coast of Gabon in West Africa have been released after approximately three weeks in captivity.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 22nd May 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 22nd May 2023.

Piracy and Armed Robbery in Southeast Asia: The Need for a Fresh Approach

The region needs to address the growing incidence of piracy and armed robbery before it becomes a serious security concern.

Europe’s mistakes in Libya

Europe overestimated the prospects for rapid democratic transition in Libya, and will likely continue to face successive crises without a long-term strategy.

Piracy On The Seas: The Great Security Challenge Of The 21st Century

Piracy at sea is an activity that is as old as maritime traffic for thousands of years. This activity is so present that it has become accepted as part of the tradition of many nations. Although it..

Naval Diplomacy: The Case For A Maritime G7

In a world hastily retreating from globalization, the maritime domain has emerged as the critical arena for global peace, prosperity, and security. However, a concerning vacuum of leadership has..

Asia war risk premium seen mostly firm on Persian Gulf concerns

Maritime war risk premiums for commercial shipping are expected to remain firm over the next several months, if not years, due to prevailing geopolitical risks and even the country of ownership and..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 15th May 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 15th May 2023.

The dark fleet - creeping anarchy in the world’s oceans

The fatal explosion that ripped through the tanker Pablo offshore Malaysia has focused attention on the dangers the “dark fleet” raises for shipping safety.

Climate change raising incidents of maritime piracy

Climate change is raising the risk of extreme weather, causing food shortages and threatening the existence of myriad species—and if that weren't enough, it's now prompting pirates to plague the..

EU calls for stricter security architecture at Nigerian Ports

The European Union (EU) has called for stricter security architecture at Nigerian ports and maritime domain. Comments from the EU came during the closing ceremony of the Western and Central Africa..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 8th May 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 8th May 2023.

Piracy in Asian waters likely to rise due to global economic uncertainty

Economic uncertainty in many parts of the world is likely to fuel a rise in piracy attacks in Asian waters, said experts.

The UAE's Dual Approach to the Naval Defense Sector

The UAE has sought to enhance its naval might and secure its fast-expanding networks of ports and logistics infrastructure to match its evolving strategic and commercial ambitions, in the Middle East..

Lack Of Vessel Ownership Data Is An Indicator Of High Risk

About 69.2% of vessels that have unknown beneficial owners reportedly engaged in sanction-violating or risky behaviour, states a recent report.

Nord Stream: Report puts Russian navy ships near pipeline blast site

Russian ships able to perform underwater operations were present near to where explosions later took place on the Nord Stream pipelines, according to an investigative documentary.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 3rd May 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 1st May 2023.

Second Merchant Vessel Seized within a Week by Iran

STRAIT OF HORMUZ – On May 3 at approximately 6:20 a.m. local time, Panama-flagged oil tanker Niovi was seized by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) while transiting the Strait of..