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Disconnects Pose a Significant Challenge to Maritime Cyber Risk

Shipping has changed more in the last two years than it did in the entire decade before that. Digitalization has given the industry new ways of working that have kept world trade moving through a..

Product Tankers: Middle East and US to the EU Will be a Dominant Trade Route Moving Forward

The product tanker market is expected to benefit significantly from the sanctions imposed on Russian crude and products, like diesel and gasoline.

Will Haftar announce his plan to divide Libya in two?

It is claimed that Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the armed forces in eastern Libya, will make a statement on the de facto separation of the east and west of the country on December 24. Since the Arab..

Amid Ukraine War, Russia’s Northern Sea Route Turns East

With the exit of European partners and buyers, Russia is looking to China and India to get its Arctic energy projects off the ground.

Turkey-Libya energy accord riles Mediterranean waters

Egypt and Greece are calling on Turkey and Libya to scrap an energy exploration agreement that critics say violates exclusive economic zones off the Mediterranean coast.

U.S. Partnering with Benin to Combat Piracy in Gulf of Guinea

Piracy is a serious concern in the Gulf of Guinea along the southern coast of Western Africa and the United States is working with Beninese officials to increase their capacity to combat..

Bashagha Urges Neighbouring Countries Not to Demarcate Maritime Borders with Libya

The Libyan Parliament- designated Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha called on Egypt, Turkey, and Greece not to take unilateral decisions regarding demarcating the maritime borders with Libya.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 19th December 2022

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 19th December 2022.

Ukraine grain deal unlikely to include new ports in near term

United Nations aid chief Martin Griffiths said it was unlikely the Black Sea grain deal would be expanded in the near term to include more Ukrainian ports or reduce inspection times.

Federal Government seeks removal of war risk surcharge on Nigeria-bound vessels

The Federal Government has called on major insurance companies around the world and Lloyd of London to stop the collection of the War Risk Insurance premium on Nigeria bound cargoes.

British return of Indian Ocean islands threatens key US Navy base

The United Kingdom is on the cusp of returning one of its last colonies to its native inhabitants, but national security experts say the move could have dire consequences for the US, which leases a..

Training of DBP enforcement officers critical to national maritime security

Minister of Transportation, Mauzu Sambo has said that the training of Deep Blue Project’s enforcement officer is not only critical for the nation’s maritime security but will also ensure maximising..

‘Dark activities’ of Russian-linked oil tankers have doubled

Maritime intelligence firm points to rise in tankers switching off trackers for sanctions-busting transfers.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 12th December 2022

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 12th December 2022.

BIMCO to revise War Risk Clauses

Work to revise the BIMCO War Cancellation Clause 2004, the BIMCO War Risks Clause for Time Chartering 2013 (CONWARTIME 2013) and the BIMCO War Risks Clause for Voyage Chartering 2013 (VOYWAR 2013)..

Somali pirates have all but disappeared but other threats remain at sea

Cases of piracy in the Indian Ocean have fallen significantly but maritime security experts say other illicit activities remain a concern.

Bridge Watch: Indian Ocean High Risk Designation to be Withdrawn

The Indian Ocean “High Risk Area” (HRA) was previously reduced in size as of September 2021. After more than a decade, the HRA designation is now set to be removed altogether.

Greece Expands Exploration Areas in Eastern Mediterranean

The navigation warning (Navtex) issued by Greece on Saturday expanded the area of seismic surveys for oil and natural gas deposits, off the coast of Crete.

Can a new wave of drone tech make Africa’s seas safer?

The growing sophistication and affordability of unmanned systems could ease Africa’s shortage of maritime security resources.

Germany and Norway announce plan to better protect maritime infrastructure

Leaders of Germany and Norway have launched a plan to better protect maritime infrastructure within NATO.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 5th December 2022

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 5th December 2022.

Cyber Pirates

Swashbuckling pirates and sabotage on the high seas have gone digital. Ransomware has replaced the cutlass.

Military Use Of Drones Is A Dangerous Dimension Of Proxy War; Commercial Vessels At Grave Risk

A few years ago, drones began to be used for spying and surveillance. But the military use of drones is of recent beginning.

Nigeria’s shady seizure of oil vessel casts doubts over country’s anti-piracy laws

An international oil tanker and its crew remain in the custody of the Nigerian authorities, after they were arrested more than three months ago in unclear circumstances.