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Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 31st July 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 31st July 2023.

Rise in sea robbery cases around Singapore Strait driven by socio-economic issues

The number of sea robbery incidents continues to rise sharply in Asia this year, with almost two-thirds of the total cases occurring in the Singapore Strait so far.

The battle for control of Yemen's ports

The maritime objectives of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have played a key role in determining the war's direction, with control over Yemen's ports a major driver of the military and diplomatic strategies..

U.S. Coast Guard impounds 5.8 tons of cocaine

The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Steadfast on Monday offloaded over 11,600 pounds (5.8 tons) of cocaine and 5,500 pounds (2.75 tons) of marijuana worth $158 million in San Diego.

Guards still needed in some areas, experts warn

Use of security contractors much reduced since peak of piracy crisis, but armed forces remains necessary precaution in some parts of world.

'Risk is high': ship arrives to pump oil from Yemen tanker

The delicate operation to transfer 1.14 million barrels of Marib Light crude to the Nautica, bought by the United Nations for the operation, is expected to begin in the coming days.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 24th July 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 24th July 2023.

Will the Gulf of Guinea Ever be Free of Piracy?

Maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea continues to pose a serious threat to the safety of crew members as well as the integrity of international trade. Despite considerable progress made through..

US supports GAF fight against piracy in Gulf of Guinea

The US is to invest $48 million this year to help train and equip the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to fight piracy and illegal fishing to improve maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.


The western Indian Ocean – home to the island states of Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and Comoros, as well as the French territories of La Reunion and Mayotte – occupies little space in..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 17th July 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 17th July 2023.

EU pressing China to pledge Taiwan peace

The EU and US are urging Beijing to pledge to non-aggression in the South China Sea, amid heightened tension on Taiwan.

Iran-Arab Gulf Joint Naval Force and China’s ‘Collective Security Architecture’

The imploding geopolitical core of West Asia frequently spews out explosive new threats and unstable strategic alliances that often fizzle out in time. Many grandiose initiatives, such as the..

Dryad Global Annual Report 22/23: Why is there under-reporting of incidents in the Sea of Mexico?

In 2022, the Gulf of Mexico faced increased maritime security concerns, particularly in the Campeche Bay region. The rise in piracy incidents targeting static platforms, offshore supply vessels, and..

Tackling maritime security requires a revised Indo-Pacific Strategy

Criminals are nothing if not flexible. As the United States considers how to grapple with the challenges stemming from illegal and unreported fishing, War on the Rocks' research has shown that..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 10th July 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 10th July 2023.

Iran-GCC ‘naval alliances’ could put maritime security at risk

The most likely outcome to anticipate is the establishment of procedural arrangements centered around regulatory agreements and understandings.

Western Indian Ocean: Migrant smuggling and illegal fishing on the rise

The United Nations Contact Group on Piracy in the Western Indian Ocean has been advised to pay attention to increased cases of migrant smuggling and illegal fishing, as it expands its focus following..

Dryad Global Annual Report 22/23: Cyber Security in the Maritime Domain

Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem talks to Professor Kevin Jones, Executive Dean of Science and Engineering at the University of Plymouth about cyber security in the maritime domain.

Iran wants to lure disaffected American allies to a new naval coalition in the Indian Ocean

Officials from the United Arab Emirates recently announced the country stopped participating with the Combined Maritime Forces, a 34-member coalition task force fighting terrorism and piracy in the..

Nigeria Adds Another Risk for Tanker Owners: Sudden Tax Bills

Nigerian authorities have added another potential compliance risk for tanker owners: newly-assessed back taxes.

Dryad Global Annual Report: Key challenges facing the Gulf of Guinea

Dryad Global's CEO Corey Ranslem talks to Dr. Okafor-Yarwood about the key challenges facing the Gulf of Guinea in the continued fight against piracy and maritime crime.

A New Strategy for the Black Sea

Since the war began in 2022, Ukraine has fitfully exported its grain to the world market, with Russia often interrupting, or threatening to interrupt, this flow. Foreign policy experts Bradford..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 3rd July 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 3rd July 2023.

UN says insurance coverage secured to salvage rusting oil tanker off Yemen

The United Nations has secured an insurance coverage to start a ship-to-ship transfer of 1.1 barrels of crude from a rusting tanker moored off the coast of war-torn Yemen — oil that could cause a..