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Panama's Registry “Cleans Up” Fleet for International Compliance

The Panama Maritime Authority reports it is taking steps to increase its enforcement and remove ships from the registry that are failing to uphold standards or are involved in illegal activities or..

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is the most significant risk event to have disrupted global maritime trade within 2022. The conflict has impacted the shipping industry in several ways, including: restricting..

New naval chief, Ogalla, assumes office, pledges safer maritime domain

The new Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Emmanuel Ogalla, on Friday, pledged to ensure a safer maritime domain as he assumed office as the 22nd indigenous naval chief.

The way for the US to ensure Gulf security is through partnership, not policing

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Riyadh to meet with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) foreign ministers and the GCC secretariat. There, he mentioned how deeply the..

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The Indian Ocean Region

Throughout 2022, the northern Indian Ocean witnessed several maritime security incidents that had significant implications for the region.

Top UN official for Africa calls for added action to stop piracy’s spread

International cooperation is making waves in combatting piracy in West Africa, but addressing its root causes and ensuring sustainable funding must fully eliminate threat, which is spreading to other..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 26th June 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 26th June 2023.

Urgent need for continued support of Ukrainian seafarers: Stella Maris

Following the Day of the Seafarer on Sunday 25 June charity Stella Maris says there is an urgent need to continue supporting Ukrainian seafarers as conflict rages on.


In January 2023, the mandate of Operation ATALANTA was renewed by the European Union. Driven by the commitment of the EU Member States during the last three years, EUNAVFOR Atalanta has turned to a..

Dryad Global Annual Report 22/23: How likely is a Chinese maritime blockade of Taiwan?

Dryad Global's CEO Corey Ranslem talks to Greg Poling, a Senior Fellow and Director at the Southeast Asia Program and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative. They discuss the likelihood of a Chinese..

India and Australia should join forces to support maritime security in the Pacific

India’s engagement with Pacific island countries would benefit from appointing a dedicated defence adviser to the region, possibly based at the high commission in Suva, Fiji.

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: Libya

In 2022, Libya continued to face a range of security challenges that had significant implications for the maritime domain.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 20th June 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 20th June 2023.

The Suez Canal privatization conundrum

Faced with unsustainable debt levels, Egypt is taking steps to privatize the highly profitable Suez Canal.

SWAI: Providing Platform to Boost Maritime Security, Blue Economy in Africa

To consolidate Africa’s maritime security and boost the continent’s blue economy, an international symposium organised by Security Watch Africa Initiatives, SWAI, Nigeria, alongside the Centre for..

Britain to increase maritime patrols in Strait of Hormuz

The British government has pledged to step up defensive maritime patrols in and around the Strait of Hormuz in response to calls for increased coordination and interoperability of international..

Dryad Global Annual Report 22/23: The IMO, safety and security at sea

Dealing with trade backlogs, changing regulations, evolving piracy and complex regional sensitivities, the International Maritime Organisation IMO strives to maintain and improve safety at sea by..

Indigenous Peruvians Attack and Block Oil Company’s Vessels

PetroTal, a Canadian-based company that reports it is the largest crude oil producer in Peru, said that its vessels and crews are coming under attack by the indigenous population as it works to move..

Time to End Russia’s Black Sea Piracy

Russia’s unilateral Black Sea blockade violates freedom of navigation, threatens global food supplies, and is costing Ukraine and the West billions. It is time to end it.

“Now we live in a different environment where subsea cables might be deliberately targeted”

Christian Bueger, a Professor of International Relations at the University of Copenhagen, explains the challenge Europe faces in ensuring the safety of its offshore critical infrastructure.

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The State of Maritime Security

Dryad Global's Annual Report 2022/2023: The State of Maritime Security is released today. Inside you'll find the latest intelligence on analysis on the Gulf of Mexico, Libya, Ukraine, South East..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 12th June 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 12th June 2023.

Italian special forces storm Turkish cargo ship after attempted hijack

Stowaways allegedly tried to take sailors hostage after being discovered on Galatea Seaways bound for France.

Russia repelled a mass attack by Ukraine's high-speed marine drones on a reconnaissance warship in the Black Sea

Russian forces fought off a mass attack by Ukrainian high-speed marine drones on a Russian naval ship in the Black Sea, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

UN piracy unit urged to shift focus to maritime crime in Africa eastern coast

The UN Contact Group on Piracy along the Western Indian Ocean has been urged to focus its attention to the rising cases of migrant smuggling and illegal fishing as it ventures into new areas of focus..

Russian ‘ghost ships’ threaten expansion of North Sea wind farms

Nine European countries are seeking to transform the North Sea into the world's biggest green energy hub, while mysterious Russian vessels are said to be mapping the continent’s maritime..

Gulf of Guinea countries urged to domesticate UNCLOS to enhance piracy fight

Captain Naa Ayeley Akwei-Aryee, the Director, Naval Legal Affairs, has urged Gulf of Guinea countries to domesticate the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to provide them..

Suspected Iranian hackers target Israeli shipping and logistics companies

Several shipping and logistics websites in Israel were hacked to gather information about their users, according to a report by Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company ClearSky.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 5th June 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 5th June 2023.

UAE withdraws from US-led maritime coalition

The UAE has exited a US-led multinational security force that protects shipping in the Gulf, in a high-profile sign of the ongoing rift between Washington and a key Middle East security partner.

U.S., UK Navies Respond to Merchant Vessel Distress Call in Strait of Hormuz

United States and United Kingdom Royal Navy forces responded to a distress call from a merchant vessel transiting the Strait of Hormuz, June 4, as Iranian fast-attack boats harassed the commercial..

U.S.-Led Multinational Partnership Launches New Task Force for Maritime Security Training in Middle East

The U.S.-led multinational partnership, Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), established a new task force May 22 that will train partner navies and improve operational capabilities to enhance maritime..

AU laments sea blindness, lack of maritime law in coastal countries

The African Union (AU) has said most countries in West and Central Africa are sea blind as they focus on security on land and abandon those in the maritime domain, which is affecting the global..