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        Iran-linked missile & maritime threats continue

        Since the 1980s, US forces, partner states, and regional waterways have been threatened by Iran’s increasingly precise ballistic and cruise missiles and naval forces, all of which put US economic and..

        Al-Zawiya oil facility damaged during clashes

        Clashes between government-allied militias caused damage to at least 29 oil sites, including storage tanks, at the Zawiya refinery complex

        Saudi-led Coalition welcomes 2 month truce in Yemen

        The warring sides in Yemen's seven-year conflict have for the first time in years agreed a nationwide truce, which would also allow fuel imports into Houthi-held areas and some flights operating from..

        1 dead, 2 injured as militants attack Universal Energy Resources in Akwa Ibom

        The Police Command in Akwa Ibom has confirmed the killing of one person and injury to two others, as militants allegedly attacked Universal Energy Resources Ltd. (UERL), in Unyenge, Mbo Local..

        UN requests inspection of Yemen ports

        The UN has requested an inspection of Hodeidah ports following claims that they have been used for military purposes.