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Bridge Watch: Stranded Seafarers

About 2,000 seafarers in 112 ships were berthed in Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov before Russia’s invasion. After the war broke out, most crew were evacuated, but 331..

The Strategic Case for the UK’s Multi-Role Vessel in Humanitarian Application

Our guest blog today, comes from Justin Hedges OBE, Executive Chairman at Prevail Partners . . . Rishi Sunak is undoubtedly in a tough spot, balancing the competing interests of the Covid fiscal..

COVID-19 and the Straining U.S. Merchant Marine

On July 29, 2020, the heads of three maritime unions – Marshall Ainley of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Don Marcus from the International Organization of Masters, Mate & Pilots, and..

Hiring ship security personnel and armed guards - What you need to know

Ship operators hire armed guards to countenance the potential use of lethal force to defend a vessel in extreme and proscribed circumstances. It’s a serious business and has potentially significant..

The Challenge of COVID-19 for Floating Armouries

1.2 million seafarers on more than 55,000 ships form the backbone of the global economy. The outbreak of COVID-19 threatened these supply lines and affected crew serving these ships. It is estimated..