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Vessel Hit 23nm ESE Odesa

Reporting from the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority reported that the Panamanian flagged cargo vessel HELT (IMO8402589) has been struck whilst anchored 23nm ESE Odesa Port.

Calls to Reinstate No Sail Order in Wake of SeaDream Covid Incident

BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 11-16-2020 06:54:46 Citing the outbreak of COVID-19 on the first Caribbean cruise and the overall resurgence of the virus, two members of the U.S. Congress are calling on..

Growth amidst uncertainty

Amico & Co reflects on the years so far and outlines its positive expectations for the winter season ahead…

COVID-19 and the Straining U.S. Merchant Marine

On July 29, 2020, the heads of three maritime unions – Marshall Ainley of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Don Marcus from the International Organization of Masters, Mate & Pilots, and..

Hiring ship security personnel and armed guards - What you need to know

Ship operators hire armed guards to countenance the potential use of lethal force to defend a vessel in extreme and proscribed circumstances. It’s a serious business and has potentially significant..

The Challenge of COVID-19 for Floating Armouries

1.2 million seafarers on more than 55,000 ships form the backbone of the global economy. The outbreak of COVID-19 threatened these supply lines and affected crew serving these ships. It is estimated..

Stranded on ships, 200,000 workers struggle in coronavirus limbo

Seafarers around the world caught up in what UN warns is a growing humanitarian crisis blamed for several suicides.

Coronavirus, Piracy and West Africa

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is likely to have an impact on maritime operations in West Africa; despite the COVID-19 pandemic piracy kidnappings have not reduced.

Nigerian crude oil exports and coronavirus

The rising number of coronavirus cases among workers at Nigeria's offshore oil fields and platforms is a growing concern for Africa's largest oil producer, with disruption to output likely.

How COVID-19 Could Make Maritime Piracy Worse

The Conversation - In early April, eight armed raiders boarded the container ship Fouma as it entered the port of Guayaquil, Ecuador. They fired warning shots toward the ship’s bridge, boarded the..