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US ports and terminals targets of increased cyber security attacks

Although the marine industry has a long history of success in risk management, cyber threat actors represent a different kind of menace. They are sophisticated, constantly evolving, and highly..

How relevant is IMO 2021 cybersecurity compliance to the maritime security industry?

In this week's vlog CEO Dryad Global Corey Ranslem talks about the history of IMO 2021 compliance. Right back from the meeting of the Maritime Safety and Security Committee in June 2017 to Jan 1st..

Crew Cyber Hygiene

Tomorrow at the Monaco Yacht Show, Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem will be presenting a seminar all about crew cyber hygiene.

Maritime Cyber Security & Risk Management for Yachts and Yacht Managers

Questionable intelligence feeds, poor communication, crew error, reputational risk, cyber threats - how do operators, captains and CSOs get the assurance they need when their vessel and business are..

Cyber security becoming integral to maritime security

Maritime security is increasingly becoming impossible to achieve without ensuring cyber security, and the ability of states to protect their maritime assets and critical infrastructure against cyber..

Satellite RF Tracking Follows the 'Dark' Ships That AIS Can't See

Government, NGO and private-sector researchers have long relied upon AIS to track the movements of vessels, and the tool is invaluable for spotting suspicious activity.

How America’s Ports Defend Against Cyberthreats

America’s ports move approximately $5.4 trillion in goods annually, making them a unique target for cybercriminals. Protecting these transportation hubs is essential to preserving the supply chain..

Bridge Watch: attack vectors and maritime cyber security

In this episode of Bridge Watch with CEO Dryad Global Corey Ranslem, he talks about the best way to reduce attack vectors and implement a robust maritime cyber security process.

Emerging technology gives first ever global view of hidden vessels

Global Fishing Watch has developed and publicly released the first ever global map of previously undetected dark fleets, or vessels that do not broadcast their location or appear in public monitoring..

Interview: Mitigating Cyber-Threats in the Maritime Industry

Like many industries, the maritime sector is undergoing significant technological transformation aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency.