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In January 2023, the mandate of Operation ATALANTA was renewed by the European Union. Driven by the commitment of the EU Member States during the last three years, EUNAVFOR Atalanta has turned to a..

How AUVs are helping safeguard Europe’s underwater infrastructure

European states are looking to autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs, to safeguard critical infrastructure.

Russian vessels 'mapping Nordic subsea energy assets'

Russian spy ships have been mapping offshore wind farms, gas pipelines, electricity interconnectors and internet cables in waters around Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, Denmark's public service..

EU updates Strategy to safeguard maritime domain against new threats

On 10 March, the European Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint Communication on an enhanced EU Maritime Security Strategy to ensure a peaceful use of the seas and safeguard the..

EU to organise joint naval manoeuvres in face of growing security threats

The European Union plans to hold joint naval exercises as part of plans to step up efforts to protect vital maritime infrastructure, the bloc’s environmental policy chief said.

Experts react: How a year of war in Europe remade NATO, and what comes next

What is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for? What should it do, and how? Will the Europeans spend more on defense? Will the United States stay committed? These were the questions bedeviling..

Maritime Security: An Opportunity For UK EU Cooperation?

Gesine Weber analyses the maritime security strategies of the UK and the EU, highlighting that their respective ambitions in this domain could make maritime security an area of fruitful cooperation.

EU Wants to Secure Subsea Infrastructure, But Agreement Looks Far Off

In response to the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the protection of critical maritime infrastructure has gained a newfound priority in the EU.

Europe's militaries have been working together for years to keep an eye on what Russia is up to at sea

At the end of September, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines connecting Russia to Germany were damaged in an apparent act of sabotage, with some officials blaming Russia.

Nigeria increases collaborative efforts to tackle human trafficking

The Nigerian Government has reiterated its commitment to increase efforts and collaboration with partners including the European Union to eradicate human trafficking in the country.