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Western Indian Ocean: Migrant smuggling and illegal fishing on the rise

The United Nations Contact Group on Piracy in the Western Indian Ocean has been advised to pay attention to increased cases of migrant smuggling and illegal fishing, as it expands its focus following..

Splash investigation pinpoints the true scale of the shadow tanker fleet

One of the most discussed, debated questions in shipping these days is the size of the so-called dark or shadow fleet, the vast array of tankers that are travelling the world’s oceans under the..

Nigeria's Pirates Switch From Kidnapping Seafarers to Stealing Oil

The Gulf of Guinea is witnessing a shift in the dynamics of piracy, with criminal networks moving away from targeting commercial maritime and switching to oil bunkering, theft and illegal fishing, a..

New research shows where fishing ships turn AIS off

New research displays intentional disabling of automatic identification system devices to provide insights into illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity.

Ghana drafts plan to protect blue economy

Ghana sees enormous potential in its blue economy, but faces threats including piracy, illegal fishing, drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Cameroon Becomes a Go-To Country for Foreign Fishing Vessels

Off the coast of West Africa, the Trondheim is a familiar sight: a soccer field-sized ship, plying the waters from Nigeria to Mauritania as it pulls in tons of mackerel and sardines — and flying the..

Quad nations plan tracking for China illegal fishing in Indo-Pacific

India, the United States, Japan and Australia have planned to launch a satellite-based maritime security system at the Quad summit in Tokyo to check China’s illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific region.

Fights over illegal fishing lead to armed conflict

Protesters from across Sri Lanka descended on the nation’s capital in February, shouting above the street noise and pumping their fists in the air in frustration.


In 2004, two US Navy personnel and one member of the Coast Guard were killed in a blast while attempting to board a boat near the Khawr Al Amaya oil terminal off Basra.

ECOWAS urges cooperation to end illegal fishing

West African officials say that the scourge of illegal fishing can only be addressed with a regionally united front.