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Dryad Global Annual Report 22/23: The IMO, safety and security at sea

Dealing with trade backlogs, changing regulations, evolving piracy and complex regional sensitivities, the International Maritime Organisation IMO strives to maintain and improve safety at sea by..

Countries call on flag states to crack down on dark STS oil transfers

Australia, Canada and the US have made a joint submission to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to debate ways to end the use of ship-to-ship (STS) transfers of Russian crude oil.

Encrypting Vessel ID Data Can Thwart Maritime Piracy

The regulations the International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued in the wake of 9/11 regarding ship location and identification reporting have made it easier to track vessels–but not only for the..

Blue Safe Maritime Corridor Considered

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) held an extraordinary session of its Council (C/ES.35) on 10 and 11 March to address the impacts on shipping and seafarers of the situation in the Black..

Is the UN’s maritime organisation facilitating crimes at sea?

Tens of thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea each year are captured by the EU-funded Libyan Coast Guard and sent to brutal prisons in Libya where murder, extortion and rape are common.

Seafearers without permits to be poured out of Kenyan waters

All seafarers seeking to venture into deep sea on Kenya’s territorial waters will be required to be certified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)and the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

New programme for West Africa maritime security

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is working to improve maritime security in West Africa and is offering a new and innovative programme entitled the “IMO Whole of Government Approach to..

Crew change crisis: IMO member states need to act

Conditions for crew changes around the world have improved in the last six months, but not by enough. The global shipping community needs to maintain its pressure on IMO member states, says Ian Boyd,..

IMO supports maritime security activities in East Africa

IMO has assisted in the strengthening of maritime security governance in East Africa by participating in two regional events during August: the Strategic Maritime Security and Blue Economy course..