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Incident (2)

Boarding 94nm SW Brass

Reporting indicates that the panama flagged product tanker NAFELI II (IMO 9291638) activated her SSAS whilst in transit 94nm SW Brass.

English Channel: Incident Ongoing - Stowaways Control Vessel

Reporting indicates that the M/T NAVE ANDROMEDA (IMO 9580405) is currently involved in an ongoing incident 20nm SW Gosport within the English channel.

Boarding 107nm South Lagos

Reporting indicates that the SSAS had been activated for the M/T ERRINA following her being boarded.

Boarding 115 Nm South of Lomé

Reporting indicates that the chemical tanker M/T PTI NILE (IMO9747338) has been boarded 115nm South Lomé.

Kidnapping - Punta Europa Anchorage (Equatorial Guinea)

Reporting indicates that the LNG tanker METHANE PRINCESS (IMO9253715) has been boarded whilst at anchor off Malabo.

Boarding Lagos Port

Reporting Indicates that two boats approached the BASAT and two armed individuals boarded the vessel at the bow.

Suspicious Approach 174nm SW Abidjan

Reporting indicates that the F/V LIBERTY GRACE (previously known as F/V SEA HONOR) reported a suspicious approach 174nm SW Abidjan

Suspicious Approach 110nm SSE Takoradi

Reporting indicates that a fishing vessel has been chased by a speedboat 110nm SSE of Takoradi.

Suspicious Approach 74nm SE Takoradi

MDAT-GoG has reported that a vessel has been approached whilst transiting from Lomé to Abidjan.

Approach - 28nm SE Perim Island

Reporting indicates that the BOW ORION (IMO: 9818515) has been approached whilst underway within the Southern Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.