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          Kenya reject UN court judgment giving Somalia control of rich waters

          Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, has rejected a decision by the UN’s highest court to grant Somalia control of disputed waters in the Indian Ocean, saying it would “strain relations” between the..

          The Insanely Lucrative Pirate Stock Exchange In Somalia

          The earliest instance of modern stock trading occurred in Amsterdam with the Dutch East India Company. In order to raise capital, it sold shares to the public and paid dividends based on the success..

          Attack - 100nm North East of Mogadishu

          Reporting indicates that a vessel was attacked in transit 6nm offshore Somalia

          Japan and Britain hold anti-piracy drill in Gulf of Aden

          Japan and Britain have held an anti-piracy military drill in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia in East Africa.

          Somalia violence: Rival units fight amid row over president's term

          Fighting has broken out in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, between different sections of the security forces.

          Somalia: Averting a Descent into Political Violence

          Tensions are running high following the Somali parliament’s decision to extend the incumbent president’s mandate by two years. External partners should urgently convene – and mediate – talks among..

          What is the state of Somalia and could the region return to piracy?

          Ensuring onshore socioeconomic stability remains key to repressing a resurgence of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

          Experts warn Somali piracy risks remain as final hostages released

          The release of three Iranian crew members, on 20 August, marks the end of the Somali piracy era, however, seafarers still should remain vigilant in these waters, warn security experts.

          Panama-flagged AEGEAN II Boarded 180 nm SW off Socotra

          Reporting indicates that the Panama Flagged Chemical Tanker AEGEAN II has been attacked by unknown armed men (with links to local militias), 180 nm SW Socotra, in what appears to be an attempted..